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June 2023

As the BIX platform continues to gain traction in the market and new features are developed within the ViewTrak suite of products, we anticipate...

April 2023

ViewTrak continues to show increased sales, with the team working hard on both sides of the border to fulfill new contracts for software and hardware sales.

March 2023

We have been working closely with AllWest Demolition and Alberta Innovates for two
years, to demonstrate how BIX could support the traceability of biomass...


February, 2023

We are happy to inform our shareholders and stakeholders that TrustBIX has retained an
international Swiss Financier...

December 2023

Our focus on revenue growth and technology enhancements creates the opportunity to expand
into different market sectors...

July 2022

Coming out of the pandemic, our ViewTrak team continues to find new customers while ensuring existing ones are well taken care of...

Merry Christmas

March 2022

We have completed our first quarter with an exciting acquisition, Insight Global Inc., which provides an asset tracking device and application...

December 2021

The Enhanced Agnostic BIX Platform was deployed in November, enabling a common framework for end-to-end traceability...

October 2021

We have received multiple requests asking if our newsletter could explain the significance of our business development announcements...