Trust More 

Operating a business in ways that are good for the planet, good for our communities, good for workers, and are economically viable is one of the biggest challenges that corporations face in the 2020s. One way to enable responsible value chains and connect all the dots is through building trust from Gate to Plate®.

Build Trust – Based on Transparent Value Chains.

Purchase decisions are no longer just about the price tag or the product qualities, such as look, smell, and taste. Consumers of the 21st century want to know where and how their food was produced. We help businesses meet this growing demand by tracking and validating the value-added attributes for which your customers are paying, such as Locally Sourced, Sustainably Sourced, Carbon Reduction, etc.

Through TrustBIX’s proprietary cloud-based platform, Processors and Retailers can rely on neutral, trusted Third-Party Verification of independent certifications and product attributes that add tangible value and incentives for producers to comply with buyer and market demand. Our Strategic Sourcing Solutions connect Processors with Producers and Retailers, enabling all value chain links to align production and quickly react to changes in market demand.


What you can do:

  • Connect with verified suppliers via a single data exchange platform.
  • Integrate your enterprise procurement or financial systems.
  • Access reports that verify certifications or product claims.
  • Dashboard Access and Data Analytics to monitor the supply of ingredients in your supply chain.

What's in it for you:

Strategic Sourcing managed by TrustBIX brings traceability and reliability throughout the supply chain, and it increases the value of the products. The resulting added value and financial gains get redistributed, thus incentivizing Producers and their industry partners to participate.

  • Save time managing supplier relationships and data.
  • Create marketing programs designed to source specific groups of product attributes and differentiate your offer in the market.
  • Forecast and secure available supply to meet customer demands.
  • Meet evolving customer demands.
  • Build more loyalty in your upstream suppliers through incentive offers.
  • Establish a baseline to deliver on company’s ESG goals.
  • Enable data sharing up and down the supply chain with all participants, improving trust and providing valuable feedback on production practices.

A TrustBIX Sourcing Solution will provide your organization with broader supply chain collaboration and business intelligence capabilities. Regardless of industry, TrustBIX’s digital infrastructure is set up to track and trace the product attributes and manufacturing practices that matter most to your company, its partners, and customers. With our solution, you'll get an opportunity to search for and connect with Producers according to certifications, ingredients, production practices, the origin of raw materials, safety standards, labour practices, and more.

Let TrustBIX be the backend verification office of your procurement division. Contact us today with your Strategic Sourcing requirements.