Wasting Less

The Future is ESG

One of the biggest challenges our world is facing is Sustainable Sourcing: how can we make do with the limited amount of non-renewable resources available while closing the value chain for renewable ones? This question needs to be addressed on a large scale by companies and international stakeholders through Environmental and Social Governance (ESG).

Good Ideas That Pay Off

For investors, the question at the end of the day is whether they get their money's worth. TrustBIX is based on the idea that what's good for the planet and people can – and should – be in line with what is good for investors. That's why our business model is based on 3 simple pillars: Trust MORE. Waste LESS. Reward SUSTAINABLE Behaviour. We pursue that mission from Gate to Plate®.

Why You Need to Track ESG Metrics

We are, undeniably, living in an increasingly complex world with a rapidly changing "foodscape." While population numbers and overall demand for food and agricultural products are on the rise, our biggest challenge is how to meet it in a sustainable, ethical, and empowering fashion that accounts for the needs of producers, processors, and consumers alike. Two major challenges from this perspective are waste management and how to empower corporate accountability.

If we want to enhance sustainability to reduce roughly 1/3 of all edible food that is lost to waste annually while also empowering consumers to know where their agri-food products came from as well as how they were produced, the big question we need to answer is "How can we implement comprehensive solutions in an industry that is only now starting to embrace digital technology and give effective incentives?" That's where TrustBIX comes in.

How TrustBIX Can Help

Energy Management Solutions

As part of our corporate mandate and goals, our aim is to collect information not just about what was produced, but also the environmental footprint of the production process itself. 

TrustBIX’s Energy Management Solutions connect your agri-food operation’s utility usage data, smart devices, building management systems, and energy generation devices to one user-friendly platform that uses predictive algorithms to display energy use, energy generation, net GHG emissions and intelligent energy management recommendations. An intuitive interface allows users to identify and understand where and how an operation is using energy. 

Leveraging the Build Sense ® platform, we can offer you three types of engagement, depending on your goals:

Build Aware

Baseline and compare your electricity and natural gas usage over 12 to 24 months against a national energy intensity benchmark database, giving you essential insights into your operation's energy footprint.

Build Sight

On-site audit of your building and equipment that mimics a Level II ASHRAE audit. With Build Sight, you receive a report outlining potential investments in energy-saving measures.

Build Sense

Deploy IoT sensors and gateway equipment to sense load demand and reduce wasteful energy use. Ensure expected savings are occurring and gain insight into further load management opportunities with informative dashboards. 

Benefits for your business

Our predictive algorithms are constantly working to ensure that your property is performing at its peak. At the same time, you receive the best savings opportunities possible, and may even qualify for energy efficiency or retrofit grants offered in your area.

  • Save money by reducing your energy bills.
  • Save time by letting sensors monitor how your building is using energy.
  • Start measuring your greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions for future GHG credits and financial incentives.

Quantify and reduce your operational energy consumption with cutting-edge Build Sense® solutions.

Waste Diversion

At TrustBIX, we make cutting-edge solutions come together for businesses to create usable products from waste organic material such as wood, crop residues, manure, and food waste. Whether you are producing heat or electricity for use in on-site industrial processes, or bioproducts such as biochar, meeting the quality specifications of the buyer will be important. Our BIX platform allows tracking the quantity and type of input, what processing steps were done to it, and provides assurances to your buyer that you have met their sourcing specifications.

Divert biomass waste and generate new revenue

  • Track important attributes such as type and source of organic waste material used as inputs to biomass processing for heat or electricity generation or other bioproducts production
  • Capture IoT-sourced sensor data documenting weight and volume of material processed and biomass processing information
  • Create reports that validate bio-products produced for prospective buyers
  • Turn waste streams into revenue-generating or cost-cutting opportunities.
  • Divert waste from landfills
  • Deployment of Biomass processing solutions may qualify for emissions reduction or retrofit grants offered in your area.
  • Start measuring your greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions for future GHG credits and financial incentives


For your ESG, Energy Management, and Waste Diversion Needs.