Track, Locate & Protect Your Assets

Know where your equipment is.
Know when your equipment has moved.
Know if a gate or door has been opened.

  • Small, discreet trackers can be attached to any non-powered asset, door or gate.
  • Our system is sensitive to asset movements that typical GPS devices do not pick up.
  • Our system will send "bread crumb" notifications if the asset makes continuous unscheduled movements.
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Stolen and misplaced assets affect your bottom line, waste precious time and create inventory issues.



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Theft and Recovery

  • Get notified of tracker movements while in Sentry Mode
  • Identify location of equipment
  • Install on gates and shop doors to detect movement
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Easy Installation

  • Physical device is small and discreet
  • Easy to install and does not require a power source
  • Can be mounted out of sight, not requiring view of the sky
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Avoid Misplacement

  • Pre-determined daily check-ins
  • Allow users to view the location of assets
  • Understand movement across multiple locations


  • Monitor your assets from desktop, tablet or phone
  • Sentry mode works on gates and doors
  • Set up alerts via email notifications for movement of assets
  • Support theft recovery with identified locations of missing asset
  • Suitable for single and multiple location companies
  • Allows multiple users
  • Designed to work on both IOS and Android
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Take Charge of Your Assets