Providing the Ability to track an

organization's esg activities 


Administer and Manage Program Requirements for Producer's & Organizations

Supports Producers & Organizations with Implementing Sustainable Practices

Improve Supply Chain Transparency by Validation of Practices



Our Solution - BIX IMPACT

This is just the start. IMPACT is being used for improved grazing management, land use, and nutrient management programs, all of which impact GHG emissions and carbon sequestration. By registering today, users can be notified of future programs.

  • IMPACT supports program registrants, advisors, verifiers, and administrators for the duration of the program.
  • User friendly and guides registration workflows for all.
  • Keep historical record of application, feedback and audit trail.
  • Secure information in one place to support environmental claims.
  • IMPACT is growing based on user feedback and expertise!


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Understanding The Roles

Using the IMPACT platform, producers applying for program, are recorded in the system as Registrants.

Program Advisors      (eg. agrologists) using the IMPACT platform will support registrants in revising and approving their submissions.

As a Program Verifier, the IMPACT platform will support you in reviewing and verifying qualified applications.

Program Administrators and Managers are those organizations or industry groups,  and staff, operating the program.

IMPAct supports Initiatives such as ESG reporting and Strategic Sourcing


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