Your ESG scorecard – Metrics to assess your Corporate Social Responsibility


"Businesses cannot succeed in societies that fail”

~Paul Polman, Former CEO of Unilever Plc

Operating a business in ways that are good for the planet, good for our communities, good for workers, and are economically viable is the challenge corporations face in the 2020s, a decade already marked by a pandemic to remind us that we are very much a part of nature. At TrustBIX, we believe that any company needs to follow the three simple steps described below and repeat the cycle as part of continuous improvement.  We run our company on these nimble values, and our solutions can help Agri-Food businesses do the same.

Build programs that incent the supply chain to move to a more sustainable footing.

Measure the impact of those programs through data collected from people, processes, and Industry 4.0 technology.
Learn from the insights provided through analytics supported by Machine Learning and AI.



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