frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Have a Question About TrustBIX?

We believe that asking questions is part of a healthy discourse and we want to help you understand our goals and philosophy as best as possible. In this FAQ list, you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Here at TrustBIX, we collect different types of data about food on its journey down the supply chainOur goal is to make sure that producers’ claims, for example, “100% Canadian Beef,” are valid, trustworthy, and reliable. To prove it, we apply big data and blockchain technology, making the whole process transparent and traceable.  

Our biggest challenge is making the industry more sustainable and ethical. We aim high, but we are sure that we can play our part in ending global hunger, mitigating climate change, achieving sustainability in food production, and improving waste management. 

We address consumer and business demands by tracing food through the production and distribution chain – from Gate to Plate® – while building trust between consumers, producers, processors, and investors. 

We want to expand our strategic sourcing solutions beyond beef production to include other livestock and grains. We also plan to add other traceable attributes, like free from...” or fed with...”. 

BIX (Business Information Exchange) and ViewTrak are TrustBIX software platforms. Very simply put, they are our tools to collectanalyze, and share data. 

Seeing the trust our products get year after year gives us a confidence boost. We’re happy to share that in 2016 and 2017,ViewTrak received three awards: Award of Distinction by Alberta Export, Business Award of Distinction by Alberta Small and Innovation of the Year by AIR Miles. In 2019, BIXSCo got the Edge Business Award of Distinction by Alberta Leading. 

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Check out the TrustBIX blog for interesting and informative articles on all things supply chain food traceability, sustainability, agri-food, and much more.