Imagine a world where we...

Trust More, Waste Less, and Reward Sustainable Behaviour

TrustBIX is bringing our world closer to this reality with innovative technologies & value chain solutions From Gate to Plate®.

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Our Mission: Trust & Reward

We add trust and value at every step of the food supply chain – for producers, processors, investors, and consumers alike.

TrustBIX Inc (TSX V: TBIX) (OTCQB: TBIXF) is a technology and services company providing Chain of Custody and Strategic Sourcing Solutions in supply chains and the Agri-Food Industry. TrustBIX Inc.’s focus is to create a world where we waste less, trust more, and reward sustainable behaviour. Join us as we support the development of major industries in Canada and internationally. 

Trust MORE  

It's in our name and our mission: trust. We want your food to move from Gate to Plate® in the most sustainable and traceable way possible by offering blockchain-certified solutions to verify data from Farmers, Growers, Feedlots, and Processors, enabling them to make verified claims about their products. 

Waste LESS 

What used to be considered waste yesterday is today's revenue source. Thanks to modern technologies, crop residues, manure, and food waste turn into heat, electricity, and useful products that will let you see a 20-30% reduction in your energy bills. For such a circular value chain to function, its components must be measured, tracked, and verified – from energy use to waste management, TrustBIX has the right energy monitoring solutions.

Reward SUSTAINABLE Behaviour 

We believe that hard work should be rewarded – especially when it keeps millions of people fed and healthy. With TrustBIX, participating producers earn credit for creating sought-after products that is commensurate with the value they add. For their valuable work, they receive premiums from retailers and consumers who benefit from verified food claims – and the feeling of not only eating good, but doing good.

What's New

Attention: Please see the information circular for the 2023 TrustBIX AGSM at this link.




What we've achieved so far

Together with other industry leaders, we've worked to make Canada the 1st country in the world to deliver Certified Sustainable Beef through the supply chain. We've created the FIRST industry-funded incentive program that rewards Canadian cattle producers for their sustainable work, proving that sustainable behaviour is the right decision for producers, consumers, and investors alike.

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